2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (World Record Attempt Bike)
Kind of stock ;)

This bike was built up with the sole purpose of beating the old standing Guiness World Record for the fastest wheelie on ice.

The bike was fitted with custom gearing, an Austin Racing decat slip on exhaust and a full ECU tune on VP MR12 race gas completed by me, using the Woolich Racing tuning software.

On Sunday 07FEB16 Cecil "Bubba" Myers and Jason Farrell took to the ice on Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin to have a go at the records. In testing a few days prior speeds were approaching the 140+ MPH average well beating the then current standing record of ~128 MPH. Here is a video from our testing:


The day after testing, the weather took a turn for the worse; nearly 50 degrees outside and the completely cloud free skies turned the ice to slush rather quickly. Additionally, Bubba was hit with an illness that morning and needed medical attention. Jason Farrell took to the ice first to entertain the people who showed up putting up some good times but the ice quickly deteroriated. Later, Bubba would show up feeling slightly better but still not near 100%. He went out and made some passes on his H2 and was having difficulties posting good times/speeds. He would eventually blow the rear tire at over 100MPH which put a strain on our attempt as time was of the essences. We swapped wheels and made some changes to both bikes and had to go all out at it. Both riders broke the then standing record a few times settings speeds of 130MPH on both the H2 and ZX-10R. The both broke it again on each bike at 132MPH. Ultimately it was one of the last runs of the day by Jason Farrell aboard this ZX-10R setting the new (and still standing) record of 134.8MPH.

Here are a few videos of the event:

Cecil blowing the rear tire:


One of Jason's 132MPH runs from the tank:


Jason's Guiness World Record Setting 134.8 MPH


Below you can find a photo album from our Facebook with some photos from that day: