2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

The bike was purchased 21JUN16 from Revolutions Powersports in Grand Forks, ND.

Mods started out simple
- Yoshi RS-2 Full exhaust
- Bazzaz Z-FI and Z-AFM (until Woolich Racing launches our products for it)
- TST Industries Integrated Tail
- Yoshi fender eliminator
- TST Industries smoked flush mount turn signals

After that, I was put in contact with Myk at OTB Prototpyes. We worked out a deal where I would test out his new VIP (velocity intake plate) air filter in replacement in exchange for some dyno data. A few weeks later I received the VIP (absolutely gorgeous piece of machined metal) along with their two filters; the green street filter and their red race filter. With the bike on the dyno, I established the stock baseline with the Bazzaz basemap that had AFR tweaked from the Z-AFM. After getting the baseline I removed the OEM filter housing and fitted the VIP along with the green street filter and did some pulls making NO changes to fueling. After that, I fitted the red race filter and did pulls, again making NO changes to fueling. Below are the results of those runs:
Blue = stock baseline
Red = Green street filter element
Green = Red race filter element

Pretty good gains from just a filter being slapped in and not fueling tweaks. Even more telling though is the power versus time chart. Look how much more quickly the VIP resulted in reaching redline:

The bike makes more power, sooner and gets to redline 5 SECONDS faster than the stock filter with the race filter. The race filter also makes more power, sooner and gets to redline over 1 second faster than the street filter element. This is HUGE.

Since then I have installed a DCR Stage 2 cam. I didn't have time to dyno it or to fine tune it so that will happen this spring when the Woolich Racing products are released so I can tune both fueling and the ignition timing (these little bikes like some added timing). I plan on doing some other things as well, first and foremost is gearing since it hits 67MPH now which is the gearing limited top speed so that needs to change. Additionally I may do things like carbon fiber wheels /w ceramics, big bore kit, bored out throttle body, etc. We'll see how in depth I want to go with this bike. It's pretty fun as is, but things can never be fast enough for me